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ABB 2CKA006116A0173 KNX Labeling Field with Transparent Labelling Sheet

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  • The ABB 2CKA006116A0173 is an essential component designed to enhance the organization and functionality of your ABB i-bus KNX system. This labeling field provides a convenient and visually clear method for labeling and identifying various components within your KNX system.

  • This labeling field is its transparent design, allowing for easy visibility of the labels and symbols. This transparency ensures quick access to information, facilitating efficient management and maintenance of your KNX system.

  • To streamline the labeling process, the ABB 2CKA006116A0173 includes a set of standard symbols that are included with the product. These symbols cover common functions and components within a KNX system, making it simple to label and identify different elements.

  • The labeling field is specifically designed for compatibility with ABB i-bus KNX systems, ensuring seamless integration and functionality within your KNX setup. This compatibility ensures that the labeling field is optimized for the unique requirements and capabilities of KNX technology.