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ABB 2CKA006133A0223 2-Gang KNX Push-Button Coupler

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  • The ABB 2CKA006133A0223 is a versatile 2-gang KNX push-button coupler designed to enhance the functionality of your KNX smart home or building automation system. This device is compatible with 2-gang rocker switches such as 6230-2x-xxx, 6231-2x-xxx, 6232-2x-xxx, 6233-2x-xxx, and 6234-2x-xxx, making it an ideal choice for controlling lighting, blinds, temperature, scenes, and other KNX functions.

  • One of the standout features of this push-button coupler is its integrated temperature sensor, which allows you to monitor and control ambient temperature within your KNX system. This functionality is particularly valuable for climate control and energy management, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

  • The device supports KNX functions through an innovative color concept, where different colors are associated with specific functions, simplifying the identification and operation of different features. For example, yellow may represent lighting control, blue for blinds, orange for real-time clock (RTC) functions, magenta for scenes, and white for neutral or unassigned functions. Alternatively, it can be illuminated in standard red/green to provide a clear indication of status.