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ABB 2CSF200992R0005 F2C-ARH Auto-Reclosing Device

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  • The ABB 2CSF200992R0005 F2C-ARH Auto-Reclosing Device is a specialized device designed to facilitate the automatic reclosing of the Residual Current Device (RCD) it is associated with. This innovative device is engineered to enhance the performance of RCDs, specifically those belonging to the F200 series with 2 poles and a sensitivity of 30 mA.

  • The primary function of the F2C-ARH Auto-Reclosing Device is to address the issue of unwanted tripping of the RCD. In situations where an RCD trips due to transient electrical disturbances or momentary faults, the F2C-ARH device intervenes. It conducts a comprehensive check to ensure that there are no actual or persistent faults within the electrical system protected by the Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB).

  • Only after confirming that there are no genuine faults detected within the system does the F2C-ARH device allow for the automatic reclosing of the associated RCD. This capability contributes to the continuity of service by minimizing unnecessary disruptions in power supply while maintaining safety.