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Allen-Bradley 100-K12WF01 Cable And Contactor

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  • The Allen Bradley 100-K12WF01 MCS-Mini Contactor is a compact and high-performance electrical control device designed for use in various industrial applications. Part of the MCS Mini Contactors series, this contactor is engineered to provide precise and reliable control over electrical circuits, making it suitable for integration into control panels, automation systems, and other electrical control applications.

  • This contactor is rated for an operating current of 12A, allowing it to handle a wide range of industrial control tasks effectively. It operates with a system control voltage of 230V AC (50/60Hz) with Varistor protection, ensuring stable and safe operation in electrical systems operating at this voltage.

  • The 100-K12WF01 contactor features three normally open (N.O.) main contacts and one normally closed (N.C.) auxiliary contact, offering flexible configuration options for different circuit arrangements based on specific application requirements.