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Allen-Bradley 889M-R19RMMU-5 Cable And Contactor

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  • The Allen Bradley 889M-R19RMMU-5 Patchcord provides a reliable and high-quality connection solution for various industrial applications. It features an M23 connector with a Female, Right-Angle configuration on one end and a Male, Straight (Int. Threads) configuration on the other end. This combination allows for secure and convenient connections in industrial environments.

  • This patchcord offers a high pin count, making it suitable for applications that require versatile signal or power connections. The patchcord is constructed with a durable PUR cable in black color, ensuring excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and other harsh environmental conditions commonly found in industrial settings.

  • The patchcord is unshielded, which makes it suitable for applications where electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is not required. It utilizes 3/18 AWG wires for power conductors, providing reliable power transmission with ample current carrying capacity. The rest of the conductors utilize 22 AWG wires, ensuring reliable signal transmission.

  • This patchcord, following the industry-standard color-coding scheme. This enables easy identification and connection, simplifying the installation process and reducing the chances of wiring errors.