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Allen-Bradley 140M-I8E-D10E-GB Circuit Breaker

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  • The Allen-Bradley 140M-I8E-D10E-GB is a high-performance Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB) designed to provide reliable and precise protection for your industrial motor systems. It features a fixed standard magnetic trip set at 13 times the rated current, ensuring dependable protection tailored to your specific requirements. With a current rating ranging from 80 A to 100 A, it guarantees the safe and efficient operation of motors, even in demanding industrial applications.

  • This MPCB is designed to fit motors with a Frame Size I. It includes an Under Voltage Trip (UVT) feature for enhanced protection against voltage fluctuations. The left-side connection (Lt. Side) simplifies installation and enhances accessibility within your setup. It is equipped with a B Coil for control and protection of your motor systems.

  • The 140M-I8E-D10E-GB MPCB exemplifies their commitment to engineering excellence, ensuring the protection and efficiency of your motor systems.