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Allen-Bradley 140U-H3C3-C20-A Circuit Breaker

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  • The Allen-Bradley 140U-H3C3-C20-A Molded Case Circuit Breaker embodies the pinnacle of advanced electrical protection technology, meticulously designed to ensure the safety and reliability of industrial applications. With a robust current rating of 125A, this circuit breaker takes its place within the esteemed H-Frame series, celebrated for its robustness and steadfast performance. Capable of managing fault currents spanning from 30kA to 39kA, the 140U-H3C3-C20-A stands as a vigilant guardian against electrical disruptions.

  • The innovative T/M (Fixed Thermal / Fixed Magnetic) trip unit technology, seamlessly integrating thermal and magnetic trip mechanisms to deliver swift and precise responses to overcurrent conditions. This integration ensures consistent and reliable protection for critical equipment and systems.

  • The circuit breaker features a rated current of 20A, addressing applications requiring currents up to 20A. The AX configuration, including (1) 1a - 1b, offers a dynamic approach to circuit protection and organization, enhancing control and management of electrical systems.