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Allen-Bradley 1336F-LA6 PLC Modules

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  • The 1336F-LA6 Analog Interface module is designed to provide analog input capabilities for motor drives. Specifically, it offers three non-isolated thermistor/RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) inputs, allowing for precise temperature monitoring and control in industrial motor control systems.

  • The 1336F-LA6 Analog Interface module serves as a communication interface between the thermistor/RTD sensors and the motor drive. It enables the measurement of temperature using the thermistor or RTD sensors and provides the necessary input signals for temperature-based control strategies.

  • The module allows for the connection of multiple thermistor or RTD sensors simultaneously. This enables the monitoring of temperature in different locations or for multiple motor control applications.

  • The 1336F-LA6 Analog Interface module is compatible with Port B of the motor drive. It offers a seamless integration and communication interface between the temperature sensors and the drive, ensuring accurate temperature monitoring and control.

  • This analog interface module is designed for easy installation and configuration. It provides reliable and accurate temperature measurements, allowing for precise motor control strategies based on temperature feedback.

  • The 1336F-LA6 Analog Interface module, which offers three non-isolated thermistor/RTD inputs. Monitor and control temperature with precision for optimal motor performance and system efficiency.