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ABB 1SDA056665R1 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA056665R1 is a robust and reliable circuit breaker designed for demanding electrical distribution applications. Engineered for use with the Sace Emax E3V 2500A circuit-breaker, this four-pole device provides efficient and precise circuit protection and control.

  • The circuit breaker is equipped with rear horizontal terminals, making installation convenient and straightforward. Its overcurrent release mechanism, denoted as Pr121/P-Lsi R2500, ensures rapid and accurate response to overcurrent conditions. This feature helps safeguard critical equipment and systems, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring a continuous supply of electricity.

  • This circuit breaker comes with four auxiliary contacts. These contacts can be used for various purposes, including remote monitoring, signaling, or control, enhancing your control over the electrical distribution system.