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ABB 1SDA067795R1 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA067795R1 Circuit Breaker is a testament to cutting-edge engineering within the TMAX XT2V 160 series, expertly crafted by ABB, a renowned name in the electrical industry. This circuit breaker redefines electrical protection through advanced technology, ensuring unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and safety within your electrical infrastructure.

  • This circuit breaker excels in managing electrical loads with precision and stability. The strategically positioned front terminals simplify installation and connections, catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Equipped with a magnetic release, specifically the release, the circuit breaker enhances its protective capabilities by promptly responding to magnetic conditions, effectively safeguarding against potential faults.

  • The 1SDA067795R1 circuit breaker encapsulates ABB's dedication to precision engineering and unwavering reliability. Its seamless compatibility with the TMAX XT2V 160 series underscores its adaptability across various setups, whether in industrial, commercial, or residential environments. With a magnetic release rated for a current range of 20 A (Iu) and a tripping range of 120 A to 280 A (I3), this circuit breaker is poised to manage electrical demands with exceptional efficiency.