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ABB 1SDA068049R0001 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA068049R0001 Electronic Release Ekip N-LS/I is a sophisticated component designed to enhance the performance and protection capabilities of your electrical circuit breaker. This electronic release is specifically designed for use with the XT4 circuit breaker series and has a current rating of 63A.

  • The Electronic Trip Unit Ekip N-LS/I provides advanced protection features and control options for the XT4 circuit breaker, allowing you to monitor and manage your electrical circuits with precision. It offers accurate current measurement, enabling rapid response to overcurrent and short-circuit conditions.

  • This release also includes four accessories (4 Acc.) that are designed to complement the functionality of the XT4 circuit breaker. These accessories may include additional features or components that enhance the overall performance and safety of the circuit protection system.

  • The ABB 1SDA068049R0001 Electronic Release Ekip N-LS/I is a vital component in ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of your electrical distribution system. It allows for precise control, monitoring, and protection of your circuits, contributing to the safety and uptime of your electrical infrastructure.