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ABB 1SDA071964R1 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA071964R1 Circuit Breaker is a testament to advanced engineering, designed to redefine the landscape of electrical distribution system control. Crafted for unparalleled reliability and safety, this circuit breaker seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and enhanced operational security.

  • The heart of this model is the Solid-State Release in AC, specifically the Ekip/Touch-Li R 4000. This sophisticated release mechanism responds swiftly to overcurrent conditions, bolstering your system's resilience against potential disruptions and optimizing operational reliability. This feature exemplifies ABB's commitment to innovation and operational integrity.

  • The circuit breaker boasts a fixed four-pole configuration with full-size neutral and rear horizontal terminals. This design promotes effortless integration into diverse setups, enhancing the adaptability of your electrical infrastructure.