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ABB 1SDA072558R1 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA072558R1 Moving Part is designed for use with the Circuit-Breaker Sace Emax2 E4.2S 4000, providing reliable and efficient circuit protection. This three-pole moving part is engineered to offer precise and dependable protection against overcurrents and short circuits in electrical systems.

  • Equipped with a solid-state release in AC (Ekip/Hi-Touch-Lsi R 4000), this moving part ensures accurate and consistent protection. It also includes four auxiliary contacts, enhancing its functionality for effective control and monitoring of connected equipment.

  • The moving part is designed to indicate the position of the circuit breaker, whether it is open or closed, providing clear information about its status. It is specifically compatible with the Sace Emax2 E4.2S 4000 series and is part of the Ekip/Hi-Touch-Lsi R 4000 family. ABB, a trusted brand in the electrical industry, manufactures this moving part, ensuring quality and reliability.