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ABB 1SDA073346R1 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA073346R1 Moving Part is a critical component designed for use with the Sace Emax2 E6.2V/F 5000 series, a four-pole circuit breaker known for its exceptional performance and safety features. This moving part is equipped with a solid-state release mechanism optimized for AC applications and identified as AC Ekip/Touch-Lsig R 5000. This solid-state release ensures rapid and precise responses to electrical faults or overcurrent conditions, significantly enhancing the safety and reliability of your electrical circuits and equipment.

  • The solid-state release, this moving part features four auxiliary contacts, offering versatility and enabling integration with other devices or systems for control, signaling, or monitoring purposes. This customization capability allows you to tailor your electrical configurations to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

  • This moving part is designed for use with the circuit breaker in the open-closed position, making it suitable for various applications where precise control and safety are paramount.

  • The ABB 1SDA073346R1 Moving Part exemplifies ABB's commitment to delivering high-quality electrical components that excel in both performance and safety. Its design, features, and compatibility make it an indispensable addition to your electrical infrastructure.