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ABB 1SDA100489R1 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 1SDA100489R1 Circuit Breaker TMAX XT5H 400 is an advanced electrical protection device designed to provide efficient and accurate protection against overcurrent and short-circuit faults in electrical systems. This circuit breaker features a fixed three-pole configuration with front terminals, along with a solid-state release mechanism in the AC EKIP DIP LS/I R 320 series.

  • The circuit breaker ensures consistent and reliable performance, providing steadfast protection across a wide range of operational scenarios. The integration of three poles enhances its capacity to safeguard multiple circuit phases, bolstering the overall security of the electrical system.

  • The circuit breaker's solid-state release mechanism, part of the AC EKIP DIP LS/I R 320 series, utilizes advanced technology to promptly detect and respond to overcurrent conditions. This mechanism triggers the circuit breaker's operation quickly, disconnecting the faulty section of the circuit and preventing potential damage.

  • The ABB 1SDA100489R1 Circuit Breaker TMAX XT5H 400 Fixed Three-Pole with Front Terminals and Solid-State Release in AC EKIP DIP LS/I R 320 is a testament to ABB's commitment to delivering high-quality electrical protection solutions. With its fixed configuration, front terminals, and solid-state release mechanism, this circuit breaker is a reliable choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.