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ABB 1SFL527082R1212 Cable And Contactor

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  • The ABB 1SFL527082R1212 AFS205-30-12-12 Contactor is a versatile 3-pole contactor designed for various electrical applications. It comes equipped with pre-mounted auxiliary contact blocks, including 1 left (1 N.O + 1 N.C.) and fixed 1 right (1 N.C.) side-mounted auxiliary contact blocks with Main Circuit Bars connections. This contactor is capable of controlling motors up to 110 kW at 400 V AC (AC-3) or 150 hp at 480 V UL and switching power circuits up to 350 A (AC-1) or 300 A UL general use.

  • The AFS contactors are designed to easily integrate into machine manufacturer's systems while complying with main standards such as EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061, ensuring the safe use of machinery and equipment. An easily identifiable yellow low-energy auxiliary contact block is included to provide status feedback circuits required in machine safety applications.

  • This contactor offers a wide control voltage range, allowing it to operate in voltage variations between 48-130 V at 50/60 Hz and DC. This capability enables it to handle large control voltage variations, reduce panel energy consumption, and ensure distinct operations even in unstable networks. Furthermore, built-in surge protection enhances its reliability and offers a compact solution for surge-related issues.

  • ABB AF contactors feature a block-type design, making them easy to extend with add-on auxiliary contact blocks and a wide range of additional accessories, enhancing their flexibility and adaptability to various applications.