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ABB 1SFL531001R5011 Cable And Contactor

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  • The ABB 1SFL531001R5011 3-Phase Contactor is a versatile electrical switching device designed to excel in a wide range of applications. This contactor is engineered for motor starting, isolation, bypass, and distribution applications, making it suitable for controlling various electrical circuits and equipment.

  • Operating with control voltage, this contactor offers versions compatible with a voltage range from 24V to 690V AC and is designed to work seamlessly with both 50Hz and 60Hz power systems. Its broad voltage and frequency compatibility make it a reliable choice for ensuring precise and consistent electrical control.

  • ABB is known for producing high-quality electrical components, and the 1SFL531001R5011 contactor is no exception. Its robust construction and versatility make it suitable for use in industrial and commercial settings where dependable electrical control is essential.