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ABB 2CDH781001R2632 Circuit Breaker

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  • The ABB 2CDH781001R2632 Selective Main Circuit-Breakers are indispensable components within the esteemed S 750 DR series, renowned for their unwavering commitment to safety and reliability in energy distribution systems. These circuit-breakers adhere diligently to DIN VDE 0641-21 standards and embody a voltage-independent operating principle, setting them apart as the ideal choice for robust circuit protection.

  • The S 750 DR series is their self-sufficiency in operation, eliminating the reliance on control circuits to make or break contacts (SHU). This autonomy guarantees the highest levels of availability in energy distribution systems, making them particularly well-suited for applications where an uninterrupted power supply is of paramount importance.

  • These circuit-breakers provide comprehensive selectivity with downstream Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), ensuring that, in the event of a fault, only the affected circuit is isolated. This allows the uninterrupted operation of the remaining system without interruption, a critical feature for preserving essential processes and minimizing downtime.