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ABB 2CKA006134A0248 Drives

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  • The ABB 2CKA006134A0248 is a versatile and innovative control element designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. Whether you're managing room temperature, ventilation, lighting, or blinds, this control element provides a comprehensive solution.

  • The labelling field, allowing you to easily customize and label the device to suit your specific needs. This ensures intuitive operation and clarity in your control setup.

  • ABB i-bus® KNX bus couplers 6120/12-101 and 6120/13, this control element supports a wide range of KNX functions. These functions are conveniently color-coded, with yellow representing lighting control, blue for blinds, orange for RTC (Room Temperature Control), magenta for scenes, and white for neutral or unassigned functions. This innovative color concept simplifies control and navigation, making it a breeze to manage different aspects of your HVAC and building automation systems.