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ABB 2CKA006730A0037 Power Supply

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  • The ABB 2CKA006730A0037 4-Gang Wall-Mounted Transmitter—an innovative control solution that operates independently of mains power supply, redefining the way you interact with your smart home environment. Crafted for seamless control and versatility, this transmitter combines advanced features with effortless usability. With the power to switch, dim, control blinds, and activate light scenes, it empowers you to create your desired ambiance with precision.

  • The ABB 2CKA006730A0037 features a labelling field and strip that invite personalization, making it easy to identify and tailor each control. With intuitive switching and dimming, as well as the capability to manage blinds and light scenes, this transmitter transforms control into a captivating experience.

  • The capacity to operate four radio channels or call upon up to eight distinct light scenes. Whether it's setting the mood through lighting adjustments or orchestrating blinds for comfort and privacy, this transmitter grants you the ability to curate your living environment.